Skye Lynch

I have always been someone who is simultaneously fascinated by, and distant from, the concept of religion. I have never really had a spiritual identification and was mostly a person of the agnostic variety. That wasn’t really getting me anywhere. I found that I kept making the same mistakes in my life over and over again and I didn’t understand why. I had allowed substances to be the answer to my problems. Finally, about two years ago now, I found a program of recovery. A simple, spiritual, nonreligious solution which could help me lead a more normal life.

After moving to Beijing earlier this year I found myself in the middle of a relapse of my addictions and had to rediscover the rooms in a foreign country. Working the steps of a program again has been an extremely humbling and wonderful process. In starting my Step Two I am brought back to my own agnostic tendencies. Step Two states that, “We came to believe that a Power Greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

Across the world there are swathes of people who believe in numerous varieties of religions. I have great admiration for those who can believe in something with such unwavering positivity.

In my recent travels through parts of Asia I have become much more aware of the religions so the world. I have witnessed those around me practicing in daily spiritual routines. I have seen the acceptance that they have in their lives, and therefore the serenity that they experience.

I know that a solution does not come in silence. A solution comes from hard work and thoughtful searching. I am on a path which requires me to believe in a Higher Power lest I face darker times and harder bottoms. So, when my roommate approached me with this plan to broaden our horizons through the religions of the world, I could hardly contain my amazement at the prospect.

On this journey I hope to not only discover the beliefs of others, but to answer my own questions in faith. What is my Higher Power?

And so, the fearless searching must begin.


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