Closing Thoughts on Genesis

Part of the appeal of this whole project for me, before starting, was the idea that I would get to chew on the spiritual floss of the texts. I was waiting and waiting to just get to one of those verses, or lines that spoke so much to me that it rang through my core and made me think. Not just the kind of think you do when a thought takes up that space in the back of your brain. No. I wanted those deep, moving pieces of scripture which would rattle inside my brain for minutes, hours, days. Something that might make me reconsider a life choice. Something big.

I know that these kinds of golden nuggets full of spiritual plenty exist. I’ve been to church a few times and I’ve been present when the pastor just hits me with something that fills me to brim with intense contemplation. I would walk out of services and question my entire purpose in life. Who am I? Do I emulate the kind of person I want to be? Will God/Jesus/some other deity help me accomplish my goals in life?

Point being, I know that I can find them in the Bible. I just haven’t yet.

Genesis was really fascinating for me to read because I realized that I already knew most things that Genesis talked about. I just didn’t know them the way the Bible tells them. To be more specific, I knew them the way they were told to me as a child.

I didn’t grow up in a religious house, nor did I regularly attend services. But, one of my grandmothers is a devout Catholic woman, and the other is a fairly conservative Christian. I grew up with a sticker Bible on my shelf. Every now and then I would pull it out, read the stories, and put a sticker of Noah on a picture of the ark. I had been told the story of Adam and Eve, but it was always the watered down, child appropriate, mostly agnostic version. I had been told almost every story in Genesis at some point in my childhood, in that way.

Now that I’m done reading Genesis, it’s something that I would like to note stands out for me. Much of the Bible is going to be boring accounts of the number of sheep on all earth, and others will be major spiritual jerky that I will need to chew on in my brain for days. But, Genesis? Genesis is like bedtime stories. They’re what you read to your kids at night, because they’re not super exciting stories, but they tell a tale enough for your little one to listen to before they drift off into their pleasant nighttime slumbers.

I totally appreciate the purpose of these tales in the beginning of the Old Testament, but I am looking forward to something more thought provoking.   


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