Al-Baqarah 120-132

Al-Baqarah 120 “Neither the Christians nor the Jews will be pleased with you until you follow their ways. Say, God’s guidance is the only true guidance.’ If you followed their desires after the knowledge which has come to you, you would not have any patron or supporter against God.”

This verse stuck out to me as it brings back up my same questions from a previous post, the question of free will versus predestination. God’s guidance is true, but not everyone is granted access to it, how then can we make informed choice? How can we believe in the face of facts that seem to oppose the facts presented by the Quran? While the Quran had no official creation story of it’s own, I know the background well enough to know that they share a creation story with Jews and Christians – six days in which God created life from the void. Are we truly expected, as I felt that Ken Ham did in his debate with Bill Nye, to put aside the things that we see in science and in the world, and follow the guidance of a mysterious being we cannot know?

“My sons, God has chosen this religion for you; so do not let death overtake you, except when you are in a state of submission.” (Al-Baqarah 132b) Stay always, the Quran tells us, in a state of obedience so that when you die, you are brought to a reward with God rather than punished for disobedience.

And with that, I will continue to question pre-destination and free will for the remainder of the rotation.


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