Hindu Gods (Rig Veda Hymns 1-99)

Agni- God of Fire, he is conceptualized on three planes:  on earth as fire, in the atmosphere as lightning, and in the sky as the sun. He is considered a messenger between all gods and humans.

Vāyu- God of Winds, he is sometimes also called Vāta (blow), Pavana (the Purifier), or Prāna (the Breath).

Asvins (Ashvins, or Aswins)- Gods of Shining Sunrise and Sunset, they are doctors of gods and devas of medicine.

Indra- King of the Gods; God of Lightning, Thunder, Rain, Storms, and River flows. He kills the great symbolic evil, Vrtra, who obstructs human happiness and prosperity.

Visvedevas- all gods as a group.

RTU- A word used in relationship to blessings of food and drink.

Varuna- God of the Sea, Ocean, Termites, Scorpions, Eels, and Water. In two of the older texts, Varuna is described as omniscient and he catches liars in his snares.

Brahmanaspati (or Brihaspati)- Teacher of the Gods, he is said to be a sage born from the first great light, driving away darkness.

Maruts- 27 to 60 aggressive, lion-toothed storm deities.

Rhbus (or Rhibus)- Initially described as a sun god, evolving into a wind god, and then evolving into three artisan elves whose skills help them become recognized as divinities.

Savitar- a solar deity distinct from the sun, but possessing the ability to awaken the sun.

Mitrá- oath, friendship, (eye of, light of) the morning sun. She has various meanings throughout Hindu texts.

Aryaman- meaning “close friend” or “companion”, he is said to be the protector of mares walking in the Milky Way.

Pūsan (or Pushan)- God of Meetings, Marriages, Journeys, Roads, and Cattle. He is said to have helped souls travel to the other world, as well as protecting travelers.

Rudra- The Roaring God; God of Hunt and Storm. The god Shiva may be the same god as Rudra; shiva was used as an epithet for the god Rudra to mean he was kind, and eventually the epithet replaced the name of the god.

Ushas (Dawn)- Goddess of the Dawn, she is portrayed as a beautiful young woman who rides a golden chariot and wards off the evil spirits of the night.

Surya- The Sun; God of Light and Day. Surya is a solar deity who represents one of the nine heavenly houses in the Hindu astrology zodiac system.

Soma- sometimes refers to a ritualistic or medicinal drink, may also refer to the moon, or the God of Plants and Vegetables.



(This a brief list of information found on Wikipedia about these Hindu gods)


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