Off schedule

First, we had a holiday.

Skye and I live in Beijing, which means that in January we had a major holiday (Chinese New Year aka Spring Festival) that gave us over two weeks off work. I took the time off work to run back to America and visit my loved ones, while Skye traveled to a new area of China looking for a mountain to conquer.

When we returned we tried to dive into our fourth holy book – the Rig Veda. And we read every day. But what we learned is that hymns without context are almost completely meaningless. It is…somewhat possible to get a sense of the character of the assorted gods through reading hymns, but without any other context or cultural background in the religion, it was slow moving.

And so we decided to take a little break while we looked for an alternative to the hymns. We decided to read the 18 Puranas, the myths and legends of Hinduism, instead. And so, we’re back now with a slightly altered plan and a new vigor to understand this religion.


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