Purana 1.2

Based on this brief purana, Sarasvati is my favorite goddess. She is the goddess of knowledge and “without worshiping her no one can be a learned person.” (Purana 1.2.1)

“Without literature and music,” the purana records a sage as saying, “a man is not more than an animal.” (Purana 1.2.2) As a writer and a painter, a lover of the arts, this feels true in the very center of me. What is it, I ask, that holds us apart from the other creatures of this world? Some would say that it is some indefinable thing given to us by God, a soul, immeasurable, unprovable, uncertain. This sage doesn’t ask me to believe in that which cannot be seen, but rather that what separates us from other things is our ability to read and to create art.

Sarasvati represents that with a book in one hand, and a lyre in two others. The goddess of all knowledge, carries with her the objects through which we gain knowledge of the world and of ourselves.

That’s beautiful.



Image found here


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